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TypeOne Restriction Inhibitor

Item Id: TY0261H

Increase plasmid transformation efficiency in bacteria, and insertion efficiency of EZ-Tn5 Transposome complexes.

EZ-Tn5 Transposome Kits

Item Id: MBTOOL-013

Stably insert a selectable marker into bacterial strains for multiple applications, including mutagenesis and characterisation of gene function.


Decrease pathogenicity, knock out genes and improve bacterial characteristics with our reagents and kits for in vivo and in vitro mutagenesis.

Transposon mutagenesis is an easy and highly effective method for decreasing pathogenicity, knocking out genes, and improving genetics and characteristics in bacteria. The EZ-Tn5™ Transposon and Transposome Kits allow you to mutagenize DNA in vitro or bacterial strains in vivo, respectively.

Multiple kits are available for various applications including insertion mutagenesis, promoter insertion and bacterial origin of replication insertion for the downstream rescue of your favorite mutants. Explore our mutagenesis kits and reagents for the application of your choice. 

You’re only limited by your imagination in what you can do with this powerful technology.