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Ampligase DNA Ligase Kit

This kit includes Ampligase Thermostable DNA Ligase, 10X Ampligase Reaction Buffer, and a DNA ligation control.

Ampligase DNA Ligase Kit

A complete kit containing the highly thermostable Ampligase enzyme, 10X reaction buffer and a ligation control DNA.
  • Highly thermostable DNA ligase for applications where ligation at high temperature is beneficial
  • High thermostability allows ligation using high-stringency hybridisation conditions
  • High specificity and stringency permits sensitive detection of SNPs

Size: 1000 units

Item ID A8101
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Product information

If you are new to high temperature ligations or applications requiring high temperature ligation, the Ampligase™ DNA Ligase Kit is the place to start. This kit includes the enzyme, reaction buffer and a positive DNA ligation control. When run in parallel to your experimental samples, ligation reactions containing this DNA control will allow you to assess whether or not your ligation reaction conditions where set up properly and performed as expected. Once you understand and are comfortable with high temperature Ampligase ligation reactions, you can move to the Ampligase DNA Ligase products that do not contain this control.

Please visit the Ampligase Thermostable DNA Ligase webpage for additional information on this powerful enzyme.

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