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Aminophenylphosphoryl Choline (PC)

Aminophenylphosphoryl Choline (PC)

Prepared by reduction of p-nitrophenylphosphorylcholine. It may be used for diazotization purposes.
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Product information

Hapten reagents (such as succinimide esters) allow the customer to synthesize their own custom conjugates.


  • Chemical Name: p-Aminophenylphosphorylcholine
  • Formula: C11H19N2O4P
  • Molecular Weight: 274.26
  • Appearance: off-white powder
  • Absorption Maximum (Lambda Max): 475
  • Extinction Coefficient at Lambda max: 12600

Product usage:

    APPC is easily converted to diazonium phosphorylcholine (DPPC) by treatment with sodium nitrite and HCl. DPPC may be used to introduce the phosphorylcholine hapten, by conjugation to proteins through creation of azo bonds to tyrosine and histidine residues. Amine is para produced by reducing the paranitro precursor. See structure.Product is light sensitive, protect from light.

Storage and handling:

  • Shipping conditions: Ambient
  • Storage conditions: +2 to +8 °C

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