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NP-OVAL (Ovalbumin)

4-Hydroxy-3-nitrophenylacetyl hapten is conjugated to OVAL (ovalbumin) protein through lysine by amide bonds.


4-Hydroxy-3-iodo-5-nitrophenyl hapten is conjugated to a tripeptide arm. It may further be bound to amino groups via carbodiimide or succinimide esters.


4-Hydroxy-3-iodo-5-nitrophenyl hapten conjugated to AminoEthylCarboxyMethyl-FICOLL, a high molecular weight polysaccharide.


Trinitrophenyl hapten is conjugated to AminoEthylCarboxyMethyl-FICOLL (AECM-FICOLL).

NIP-OVAL (Ovalbumin)

4-Hydroxy-3-iodo-5- nitrophenylacetyl hapten is conjugated to OVAL protein through lysine by amide bonds.


Fluorescein is conjugated to PC-BSA. This product is homologous to PC-BSA and is most useful in cell cytometry.

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LGC, Biosearch Technologies is your reliable partner for end-to-end support in immunochemical reagents and hapten conjugation.

We offer hapten conjugated proteins, unlabeled proteins, and fluorescent protein conjugates for immunochemistry, as well as haptens that can be used as labeling reagents for custom conjugates.

Our off-the-shelf products are provided in popular pack sizes and packaging formats, and we can also supply most manufactured products in bulk quantities.

Hapten Conjugates
Reliably conjugate to proteins with our well-studied small molecule haptens, e.g. DNP, TNP, NP, NIP, and PC.
Hapten Reagents
Synthesize your own custom conjugates and find the exact combination of hapten, protein, and tag you need for your immunology study—our reagents are high-quality and constantly growing.
Native Proteins and FICOLL
Get unlabelled proteins, including Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH), Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), Ovalbumin (OVAL), and Chicken Gamma Globulin (CGG), and hapten-FICOLL conjugates.
Other Immunochemicals
Use high-quality LPS or GC7 for your immunology studies, such as studying cellular immune responses and investigating transmembrane proteins involved in signalling pathways.