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MaxPlax Lambda Packaging Extracts

Contents: Pre-dispensed MaxPlax Extracts, Control Lambda DNA, Control Host Cells (E. coli).

MaxPlax Lambda Packaging Extracts

MaxPlax Lambda Packaging Extracts, 10 Extracts

Package fosmid, cosmid or lambda DNA to generate genomic libraries.
  • Maximised packaging efficiency of lambda, cosmid, or fosmid DNA for the construction of large insert genomic libraries.
  • Construct genomic libraries from methylated or unmethylated DNA with equal efficiency due to the lack of all known restriction activities in the extracts.
  • Packaging efficiencies of up to 3 × 109 pfu/µg DNA
  • Simplified protocol does not require premixing of different extract components before use.
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Product information

MaxPlax™ Lambda Packaging Extracts offer maximum in vitro packaging efficiencies of cos site-containing methylated or unmethylated DNA. Traditional lambda packaging extracts are derived from two complementary lysogenic E. coli strains, BHB2690 and BHB2688, as described by Hohn.1 MaxPlax Extracts use a restriction-free E. coli K-12 strain, NM759, in place of strain BHB2690.2 The sonicated extracts of NM759 are combined with extracts of BHB2688 to produce MaxPlax Extracts.

Each lot of MaxPlax Extracts is tested and guaranteed to maintain a packaging efficiency of greater than 1 × 109 pfu/µg of Control Ligated Lambda DNA for 1 year from the date of purchase if stored properly. A Certificate of Analysis stating actual packaging efficiency (pfu/µg DNA) is provided with each lot of MaxPlax Extracts.

Table 1. Packaging of methylated and unmethylated DNA using MaxPlax Lambda Packaging Extracts.
Cosmid Insert Pfu/µg DNA
Unmethylated DNA 3.5 x 107
Methylated DNA 3.9 x 107


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  3. Fiandt, M. (2000) Epicentre Forum 7(3), 14.

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