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CopyControl Fosmid Autoinduction Solution, 50 mL

CopyControl Fosmid Autoinduction Solution is available in a 50 mL size concentrate of 500X in sterile water. This is sufficient to supplement 25 L of growth media.

CopyControl Fosmid Autoinduction Solution, 50 mL

Induce CopyControl Fosmid clones to higher-copy number with this hands-free induction protocol.
  • Stabilise clones with copy number control

Size: 50 mL

Item ID AIS107F
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Product information

The CopyControl™ Fosmid Autoinduction Solution is designed to induce CopyControl Fosmid clones and clones retrofitted with the EZ-Tn5™ Transposon, grown in TransforMax™ EPI300™ E. coli cells, from single-copy number to a higher-copy number of approximately 50 fosmids per cell.

The Fosmid Autoinduction Solution induces expression of a mutant trfA gene contained in the TransforMax EPI300 cells. Expression of trfA gene results in initiation of replication from the oriV high copy origin of replication and subsequent amplification of the CopyControl clones to high copy number.

The Fosmid Autoinduction protocol improves upon the existing induction protocol by including the autoinduction supplement in the media prior to culture inoculation, removing the need for time-consuming subculturing and the 2-hour incubation required in the standard induction protocol. The Fosmid Autoinduction Solution also contains cell growth enhancers which boost cell numbers and typically provides higher DNA yields than with the standard CopyControl induction protocol.

The hands-off autoinduction protocol makes CopyControl Fosmid Autoinduction solution ideal for high-throughput purification protocols in 96-well format. The autoinduction solution is also compatible with larger scale DNA purifications and can be scaled according to the amount of media used.

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